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Specialised Field Testing

With logging systems from Robertson Geologging, Soiltech can carry out downhole geophysical and logging with acoustic televiewer, Optical televiewer, Electric Logging (Elog), Natural gamma, Pumping tests, Temperature measurement, Spinner and Impeller testing, Sonic logging, Borehole wall density logging.

Soiltech also carries out complex field tests like In-situ stress measurement (Hydro fracture test), Permeability test, Pressure meter test, Dilatometer test, Block vibration test etc which give comprehensive information for the design of any kind of project.

  • Borehole televiewer – acoustic televiewer  / optical televiewer
  • Hydraulic fracturing – hydro fracture test
  • Geophysical services
  • Electric resistivity test / soil resistivity test
  • Block vibration test
  • Pressure meter test / dilatometer test
  • Vane shear test


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