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Geophysical Investigation

Armed with the latest technology, advanced equipment, specialised software and skilled manpower for seismic recording, Soiltech can carry out complex projects in Seismic refraction (SRT), Multichannel analysis of spectral waves (MASW), Crosshole seismic testing and Seismic Tomography.

Borehole Geophysics


  • Borehole Televiewer (BHTV): Optical Televiewer and Acoustic Televiewer
  • ELog (Electric Logging)
  • Natural Gamma and temperature measurement
  • Spinner and Impeller testing for calculating flow rate inside borehole
  • Full Wave Sonic velocity logging
  • Thermal Logging
  • Gamma Density logging



  • Crosshole Seismic Test
  • Seismic Tomography
  • MASW – Multi Channel Analysis of Spectral Waves
  • SASW – Spectral Analysis of Surface Waves
  • Seismic refraction – 24 and 48 channel


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